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“Neon by Design” is Trlogy’s motto. It sounds like an abstract concept, but in reality, “neon” is the best way to visually describe their music, and “visual” is a key word behind their sound. It is very specific in its presence and feel: tense yet hypnotic, begging listeners to give in to its electric, aesthetically “retro”, nostalgia-driven character, and plunging them into its pulsing embrace. A perfect soundtrack for a night drive.


Trlogy is a project that was created out of collaboration between producer Lexx and vocalist Tanya. With both artists having international roots (Lexx being born in Ukraine and Tanya coming out of India), they found common ground. With a unique approach to how they view their music, they conceived a sound that’s unmistakably “throwback”, reminiscent of score music from vintage cult films, such as “Blade Runner” and “Cat People”, while still remaining fresh in its execution.


“We don’t treat this as a typical band” - Lexx explains. “We act as if Trlogy is a movie studio. Our album is like a film. Every live performance is like a theatrical play. I direct it, while Tanya is the lead actress.” This concept allows Trlogy to have fun with their music, something that Lexx insists is vital to any art form. “Without fun, there is no point to create it.” Their mission is to take the listener on a journey and to design their experience, whether they decide to submit to sultry, ambiguously suggestive vocals by Tanya or give in to the magnetizing rhythm of Lexx’s electric, nostalgic production. When performing, Trlogy takes on a whole new configuration, joined by DJ Slipwax, who coordinates and directs the entire live performance aspect of the group.


‘The Rituals essentially a “concept” album. Trlogy explores the idea of relationships as habits, something we all do, and how, by making the same mistakes in them over and over, we develop our own “rituals”. In order to break this cycle and free ourselves, we must commit a sacrifice. The album as a whole gradually shifts in tone, from dark to light, to accentuate this concept.


With this debut album, released on AR Classic Records, this Boston-based group has created a sonic and conceptual world for the listener to submerge into.’The Ritual’ is Neon, electric and contagious with distinct sound and feel. It’s meant to wake something in all of us, like a memory we forgot existed.

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